Artist Rox4
Title Go
Release Date Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
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ROX4 "GO" is the fifth album of the formation, that was founded 2004. Produced and recorded in their own studio shows that the band is growing in performance ,arrangement & songwriting with every recording-session.The few selective liveconcerts demonstrate a band with taste,feeling,power and soul. ROX4 is a further development of the bands "Tokyo" and "Jojo" which were founded by Robby M. the guitarist of the band.ROX4 stands for contemporary,actuel,powerful music.Trends will come and go - pure music will survive.So have fun and enjoy the music!


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Radio FFR (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-ffr.de
    A better life (Rox4)
    Always be an angel (Rox4)
    Diana (Rox4)
    Don't forget me when you're gone (Rox4)
    Don't forget me when you're gone - Reprise (Rox4)
    Got to believe in yourself (Rox4)
    I don't wanna close my eyes (Rox4)
    I'm sorry (Rox4)
    Money or love (Rox4)
    Only the brave ones (Rox4)
    Six to eight-it's never too late (Rox4)
    Tell me (Rox4)
    Wanna be your heaven (Rox4)
    Who can you trust (Rox4)
    Who's gonna love you more (Rox4)
    You can fly (Rox4)
    Your love (Rox4)