Artist Rox4
Title Borderless
Release Date Friday, March 2, 2012
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
Copyright © Rox4 Records

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ROX4 "Borderless"

Music is borderless with all versatile influences.Rox4 uses the freedom in the creative process to connect different styles.To express music with various streams is the idea of "Borderless" and Rox4.On "Takin' it easy" the Depeche Mode-Drummer "Christian Eigner" performed the drums and brushes.the Tokyo-Songs "Keiko" and "Too high" , are recorded new for this album. Trends come and go - pure authentic music will survive. Lean back - relax - listen to the words & music - and have fun!


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    Don't bother me (Rox4)
    Everything to me (Rox4)
    I am searching (Rox4)
    In fashion (Rox4)
    Is it only fantasy (Rox4)
    Keiko (Rox4)
    Lonely streets of dreams (Rox4)
    Rainy days (Rox4)
    Real love takes time (Rox4)
    Slip away (Rox4)
    Someone knocked on my door (Rox4)
    Takin' it easy (Rox4)
    Too high (Rox4)