To live in the Borderlands - Hymns Songs and other Sounds

Artist Rosivita / Klaus Karlbauer
Title To live in the Borderlands - Hymns Songs and other Sounds
Release Date Saturday, November 11, 2017
Genre Pop > Adult Contemporary
Copyright © Karlbauer Records

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To live in the Borderlands" Hymns, songs & other sounds

Composed and played on Broken Zither by Klaus Karlbauer
Words by Trinh T. Minh-ha
Spoken and chanted by Rosivita

„In the Borderland you are the Battleground“

Barbed wire as medium, wire as space for projection
At the centre of the album „To live in the Borderlands“ by Klaus Karlbauer is the „border experience“, the supposed geographic transition between the homeland and the foreign land, the transitory crossing between the „one“ and the „other“. How do borders sound? How does the material sound, that protects? What is the sound of this day and age?

Im Zentrum des Albums „To live in the Borderlands“ von Klaus Karlbauer steht das „Grenzereignis“, der vermeintliche, geographische Übergang zwischen Heimat und Fremde, der transitorische Übergang vom Einen zum Anderen. Wie klingen Grenzen? Wie klingt das Material, das schützt? Was ist der Sound der Gegenwart?

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