Artist Robby Musenbichler
Title Pearls
Release Date Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
Copyright © Rox4 Records

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Pearls Vol.1 by Robby Musenbichler

With "PEARLS" series, Robby Musenbichler (Tokyo,Jojo,Robby&Splash,Rox4) wants to give you some goodies you can't get usualy.There are special songs, livetracks or singles in versions & arrangements that never have been released yet.This can only happen because we play live-concerts and have the occasion to work on it in our studio.So enjoy and have fun with these pearls.


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Radio FFR (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-ffr.de
    10.000 people (Robby Musenbichler)
    Cuz I am (Christopher Beer/Robby Musenbichler)
    King of your kanu (Christopher Beer/Robby Musenbichler)
    Kokain (Robby Musenbichler/Boris Bukowski)
    Österr.Bundeshymne Guitarinstrumental (Robby Musenbichler)
    Sie sie leider - der Blues haut mi aus die shoes (Robby Musenbichler/Wilfried Scheutz)
    Wo ging unsre Liebe hin (Robby Musenbichler)