Blues in the night

Artist ROB the voice
Title Blues in the night
Release Date Thursday, July 17, 2014
Genre Rock > Rock > Blues Rock

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ROB the voice "BLUES IN THE NIGHT" the solo album

ROB the voice - the solo album "BLUES IN THE NIGHT" CD tracklist:There must be something in the water (Peter Callander, PRS / David Kent, BMI, Universal Music Publishing International)Anchor windward (Ed Brosius / Mike Cunningham, Rhythm Rock Publishing. BMI)These Blues in the night (Norman Kerner, KernerSongs, BMI / George Gesner, Prism Escape Music, ASCAP)That road ain't coming through here (Pamela Anne Bann / Nigel Bann)Adam knew eve (Judy Klass, Warp & Woof Music)Cool down (Joyce V. Harrison, Top Brass Music, ASCAP / Luvu Luvu Music ASCAP)Feel better (Mat Simmons)Bunker of love (Mark Rossi, Marc My Words Music ASCAP / Jeff Walter, Jack and Jenny Music, BMI)Love isn't rational (Judy Klass, Warp & Woof Music)Rocket to the moon (Peter Wright)Already gone (Tom Paden / Ryan Michaels / Tedd French)ROB the voice "BLUES IN THE NIGHT" the solo album (2014)web: www.rob-the-voice.de / facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ROB-the-voice/320027541383839made in Germany 2014 © REBORN-STUDIO / LC-03291 / EAN/item no: 404213120141 recorded in UK, US and GERMANY / printed in Germany by HOFA-Mediamixed, mastered and engineered at REBORN-STUDIO Sound&Visionphotography by Christian Lindlbauer Photography / artwork & design at MCW Marketing Communications by Christian Winkler© 2014 by REBORN-STUDIO Sound&Vision / produced and engineered by Robert A. Steiner / REBORN-STUDIO Sound&VisionThe musicians are:Rob Steiner (Dachau, Germany) / lead vocals Will Jones (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) / drums & percussions Martin Motnik (Las Vegas, United States) / bass-guitar Jerry Kimbrough (Nashville, United States) / lead- & rhythm-guitar Julia Falke (Salzburg, Austria) / backing vocalsmanagement, contact & booking by REBORN-STUDIO Sound&Vision, Krenmoosstrasse 22 B, D-85757 Karlsfeld / Germanymailto: booking@reborn-studio.de / www.reborn-studio.de / phone: +49/8131/908441Very special thanxxx to: My beloved family, great friends and fans for lovin' and supportin' me during my whole life and the work on this solo album. It's a pleasure and a great honor for me workin' with so many great composers, songwriters and musicians around the world....rock'n'roll forever!© 2014 REBORN-STUDIO Sound&Vision www.reborn-studio.de / www.reborn-studio.de / www.rob-the-voice.de


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