Yoga Night Lounge

Artist Rikhy Ray
Title Yoga Night Lounge
Release Date Monday, April 23, 2012
Genre New Age > Meditation
Copyright © electrotimba records

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Music for night meditation,Yoga, Asanas,Sleep, chillout, relaxation

Music conceived, performed and recorded specifically for night meditation, Yoga, relaxation & chillout. Rikhy Ray with his over 40 years of experience in Yoga produced this music with utmost care to express the unique mood of evening and night. Based in traditional Indian Ragas uses modern electron ic sounds to create its own universe, music to accompany Yoga practice but also can work as guided meditation. The simplest way to enjoy it is to find comfortable position- sitting or on sofa or bad and let the music flow. Can be used for an evening walk or to fall asleep. The structure and the lenght of the songs are optimised for traditional sequence of Yoga Asanas.

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