Indian House vol.2 Chillout Lounge

Artist Rikhy Ray
Title Indian House vol.2 Chillout Lounge
Release Date Thursday, April 14, 2011
Genre Electronic > House > Chill Out
Copyright © electrotimba records

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Hypnotic Indian melodies&acid jazz grooves-sitar,tabla,drums,el bass&pianos

Indian House vol.2 acoustic chillout,Indian take on Miles Davis Bitches Brew concept, multi melodies of Indian bansuri flute, santur,sitar,el piano, sax interwoven like streams in a vast river, the main stream-drum set, Indian & Latin percusiion with double bass, el bass ostinato against backdrops of Indian strings & synth pads. Dreamy, mysterious soundscapes, rooted in well defined grooves that blend Indian classical and folk with acid jazz. Out worldly and meditative, yet well based in dance rhythms with Indian and funk jazz sophistication. Music to listen, dance and getting carried to alternate universes. While vol.1 is all dance driving 132 BPM grooves, vol.2 brings more rhythmic and tempo variety, harmonic and melodic complexity letting the listener enjoy listening & inspire to dance, meditation, have good drink, smoke or all of them at once.

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