Beast Mode

Artist Paxxe Vandal
Title Beast Mode
Release Date Friday, April 23, 2021
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © Paxxe Vandal, under exclusive license to Embrace the Brand. Distributed by David Gresham Records

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Hip-Hop has given us a stream of skilled and innovative artists who aren’t bound by traditional rules of music. One such artist is Paxxe Vandal, a young rapper from the Eastern Cape who has just released his first EP.

According to Paxxe the EP’s title (and first single), BEAST MODE, has a double meaning. “The title refers to me breaking out of my shell and exposing an unusual side of myself that people don’t often get to see,” he explains. “I also literally went into beast mode on every track.”

The EP took three months to record – excluding mixing and mastering – and the result is a powerful four-track combo, all written by Paxxe in collaboration with artists M.O.E and FlanQ. Tracks included on the EP are Pastor Preach, King, Isikhalo (ft. M.O.E), and Beast Mode (ft. FlanQ). 

Paxxe believes the EP is unique as “it offers a different sound with a touch of vernac to accommodate the masses. Simply put,” he says, “it’s over the top!” His favourite track, he admits, is the first single, Beast Mode. “It’s a nice turn-up jam and I was able to collaborate with my long-time partner FlanQ. That said, Isikhalo is a very powerful song which invites success to rain down after facing harsh obstacles.”

Paxxe, who describes himself as a “rebellious teenager who is going against the world”, has been making music for around eight years. However, BEAST MODE is his first commercial project. “I am so grateful to Buddha Yung, the producer of the EP, for giving me this opportunity, as well as to all the Home Base affiliates for joining me on this journey.”

While there have been some tremendous highs – for example getting recognition from famous local companies – his journey has not been without its lows. “I lost my grandmother while recording the EP and I had to stay away from the studio for a while. This work of art is dedicated to her,” he shares.

The young artist has lofty ambitions. “My plans for the future are to collaborate with big artists in the music industry, build a legacy that will remain generational and for the name Paxxe Vandal to become iconic.” But don’t be fooled – Paxxe is in no way self-absorbed. He is in the process of establishing a non-profit organisation called Free Your Mind, which will specialise in helping the youth strengthen and sharpen their skills in Music Production, Artist Management, Photography, Videography, Modelling and Fashion Design. “Through Free Your Mind my wish is to supply the youth of Dimbaza with the resources they need to do what they love and to stay off the streets.”
Paxxe is a fan of Hip-Hop, Amapiano and Afro Pop, and says he is inspired by the world; by everything he sees, touches, feels, hears, thinks, and tastes. As for who and what shaped him as a musician, he says: “I grew up listening to a lot of local and international artists, but my favourites have to be Da Les and Khuli Chana. Les always had that vibe and Khuli is perfect with the lyricism; this is the combination that ultimately created Paxxe Vandal.”