PHOENIX Radio Edits

Artist Pagan Piper Project
Title PHOENIX Radio Edits
Release Date Thursday, September 28, 2017
Genre Folk > Contemporary Folk
Copyright © All Seasons Records

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The mystical folk band from Austria - Radio Edits of the second album "Phoenix"

Pagan Piper Project is a contemporary folk band with a unique musical style mixing influences from various sources.

The Phoenix Radio Edits feature compact versons of some more complicated songs from the album "Phoenix". "Morning Star" is called "a song like a sunrise", "Panta Rhei" is influenced by ancient greek philosophy, whereas "Troubled and Sad" almost seems like a fairy tale. "Tree of Life" and "Hands of Time" feature the female voice of the band and are beautiful gentle folk ballads. The Phonix chant - the song about the mystical creature, that burns and is reborn from his own ashes - formes a framework and is therefore split into three parts on the album, it is added to this compilation in full length as a bonus track.