Obvious Secrets of the Past

Artist Pablo Pirnay-Dummer
Title Obvious Secrets of the Past
Release Date Monday, February 5, 2018
Genre World > Worldbeat
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Obvious Secerts of the Past

Obvious Secerts of the Past is a concept album written and produced in 2012 by Pablo Pirnay-Dummer. It is now released a couple of years later after beeing secretly remastered just a bit. Just sit back, relax and dream: the secrets are probably quite obvious. Most people experience similar tales when looking back to their own past. Maybe we spend a bit too little time on dreaming ourselves back to those tales. If you shuffle, you miss that it's just one piece in different parts. The wonderful frontcover was painted by Stefanie Pirnay, late in December 2017.

My best friend over decades Daniel Umber finds poetic words on the album just before its release:

"Secrets are that deep and resonating voice. That quiet, steady warmth filling the heart of their keeper. Secrets are the dread and terrible monsters beyond compare ever dwelling in the shadows of the conscious mind. Secrets cloud the eye and tint the world a different shade.
Secrets of the past are often times well buried and forgotten by their keeper. But on rare occasions they are the treasures that we cherish. They can come unbidden in a moment of clarity and remind us of rare jewels that we did not even remember we had mere moments before. 'Obvious secrets of the Past' shares these rare insights that come with the revelation of long buried secrets. These flashes of memories that were held dear for so long and deep that it almost seems like a re-discovery of things that were once known. Lights and shades, stages and rabbits, curious figures like the organ man, the pain of a rift that drives one towards a deeper understanding of the world and its many illusions. Listen to these stories come alive in your mind, take part in the discovery of these tales and maybe find your own secrets that you might have forgotten and turn them over in your dreaming mind." (Daniel Umber, December 2017)

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