Sugarcoated Destabilization

Artist Pablo Pirnay-Dummer / Stefanie Pirnay
Title Sugarcoated Destabilization
Release Date Saturday, October 14, 2023
Genre World > Worldbeat
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A relief from toxicity in the album Sugar Coated Destabilization

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer's new album is about a deep release from fundamental toxicity. So we first hear the almost sinking, which from "Live by Inches" then gradually carries the liberation into the piece and in "Life Takes Over" offers the beautiful life back to the sun. Stefanie Pirnay gives the album a strong, sensitive and full voice and tells a careful introspection from an individual perspective. The narrative is divided by instrumental pieces that give a deeper musical insight. In addition to an electronic foundation, wonderful instrumentalists give the album an almost chamber-music direction, and each instrument is almost like its own protagonist. Interwoven with the voice and mutually penetrated, they draw a life that cannot be pushed back.
Flute: Clara Wiehe; Oboe: Anna Merz; Alto sax: Sandra Kirchner; Violin & Viola: Shir-Ran Yinon; Cello: Julia Panzer.
Up to "Canvas Down" the lyrics are written by Pablo Pirnay-Dummer. Daniel Umber then tells the ascent in his known imaginative way. The cover was designed by Friederike Güsewell on canvas.

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