Orp 4

Artist Orp
Title Orp 4
Release Date Friday, February 1, 2019
Genre Alternative > Instrumental
Copyright © O'Rourke/Prillinger

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Orp 4 opens new dimension of sound

Located somewhere between ambient and drone metal, Orp's slow, minimalistic soundscapes are highly immersive and often severely hypnotic. On this, their aptly titled fourth album, a gratuitous dosage of electric guitars in various stages of distortion replaces the electric piano that dominated their sound on their first two albums, as if to signal that the band has reached a new phase of their musical development. The interplay of these guitars with their trademark sound of electric cello results in nine tracks that range from the calm to the seriously manic, with an extensive and varied tapestry of sounds that reach new and even more uncompromising levels.

Orp is:
Mig O'Rourke - electric cello, electric guitar
Horst Prillinger - electric guitars, bass guitar, drum programming


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