Artist Noa Faith
Title Runaway
Release Date Friday, April 21, 2023
Genre Reggae > Pop-Reggae
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Noa Faith - Runaway

The song Runaway was produced and recorded in the heart of zurich city.
A creation made by Noa Faith and producer Nelson, both artists together brought the warmth of reggae and a modern touch of neosoul into one track.

Noa Faith describes Reggae as her safe space.
Growing up, her childhood was filled with reggae always playing in her family’s household.
Noa’s Caribbean roots come from her fathers side,
William White, a known and talented swiss reggae artist. Her father has influenced and inspired Noa her whole life to persue her dreams and to make music with positive vibrations in the song Runaway,

Noa talks about her home in the Caribbean island of Barbados.
She talks about running away from the rush of city life in europe and finding her way back to her roots.

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