Around the world

Artist Ni-gel
Title Around the world
Release Date Saturday, June 23, 2012
Genre R&B / Soul > R&B
Copyright © LoveChild Productions

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Around the world

What's up world! Its is your boy NI-GEL. Live from the ATL the Dirty South hotlanta dropping songs like Hit the Floor, Body Talk and R U Ready for Love that landed him a spot in 3XL Magazine and on their first audio Mixtape also on DJ Cri$tyle and the Legion of Doom Late Nite Tip Mixtape.During the past year, Ni-Gel opened up for BET's Comic View and HBO's Battle of the Comedians. NI-GEL is working diligently on his solo album alongside Monyea Crawford and Richard Rollie, the incredible and creative Atlanta based multi talented Engineers and producers duo that comprise LoveChild Productions. The Dynamic production team who put ATLANTA on the map with production partner Dallas Austin and Diva One Entertainment.The most recent accomplishments that Ni-Gel has successfully gained today, is having his hit singles "Wobble It", released and played internationally and was a big hit in the UK "Wobble It", one of his most popular songs throughout the clubs in Atlanta, actually was picked up by Universal Records in January 2011. At this very moment, Ni-Gel is working at it again creating another hit single "Around the world" Mix and Master by Grammy winning Alvin Speights. Already this song has the streets talking. Ni-Gel is working the club and urban festival circuits throughout the south. He is continuously opening up for some of the biggest R&B/Hip-Hop acts. Ni-Gel has been wowing music fans in the Southeast and is poised to break out nationally. He is and will be, the most assuredly R&B at its finest. Who is Ni-Gel you still ask? Hence NI-GEL is the most assuredly R&B at its finest he is ATLANTA'S BEST-KEPT SECRET, ready to put a charge back into the music game.


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