Artist Nazanin Aghakhani
Title Zzzz...
Release Date Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Genre Children's Music > Lullabies
Copyright © NanaMusic.

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"Zzzz..." Lullabies for young and old souls...Nazanin Aghakhani on Piano Solo!

Zzzz...Lullabies for young and old souls...! Nazanin Aghakhani with piano-improvisations on worldwide known lullaby-melodies. Tonal keys and special order chosen exclusively to calm down your chakra system and the soul of your beloved ones. Sing-along possible...Enjoy the tranquil and soothing atmosphere! Recorded on "Bösendorfer Imperial" in Vienna, June 2010, with Andreas Olszewski. All tracks purely improvised on traditional lullaby themes by Nazanin Aghakhani.

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