Answer'd Me

Artist Myra Maimoh
Title Answer'd Me
Release Date Thursday, November 11, 2010
Genre R&B / Soul > Contemporary R&B
Copyright © Hitsmith Records LC18488

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Myra Maimoh - A life in Song!!

Cameroonian-born Myra Maimoh is, Pure & simply, addicted to singing. Her gift - besides a deeply felt love of song - is a unique, soulful voice & the generosity of spirit to want to share her gift with the outside world. Now, for the first time, that gift has been wrapped up into a perfectly packaged unit with the release of album 'answer'd me'. This 11-track testament to the sheer joy of Myra's music is the perfect introduction to a young woman who uniquely combines the passionate music of her African roots with the pop, rock, soul & Jazz sensibilities of the west. Now living in Germany, Myra has absorbed influences for her entire musical life. Whether from James Brown, Stevie Wonder & Ella Fitzgerald, or the modern pop & r'n'b sounds she has heard since, these influences all play a part in the genius that is 'answer'd me'. 'Answer'd me' is out in November & available to buy on CD Baby & Amazon. It is sure to be the first of many successful records for this future star. REVIEWS & KRITIK http://www.s-peck.de/platte-des-monats-answerd-me-von-myra-maimoh-4008/ http://www.cd-bewertungen.de/reviews/pop/kritik-answerd-me-von-myra-maimoh/ http://diekopfhoerer.eu/2010/11/myra-maimoh-–-answer’d-me/ http://www.hooked-on-music.de/CD-Reviews2/Myra_Maimoh/Answerd_Me.html?band_id=6468 http://funksanctum.blogspot.com/2010/11/music-review-myra-maimoh-answerd-me.html http://bass-music.de/bm-news/myra-maimoh-debut-album-answerd-me-inkl-gewinnspiel.html http://www.pauldavisauthor.com/music_reviews.asp?reviewid=1002 http://www.tribune2lartiste.com/2010/11/15/myra-maimoh-i-am-free-spirited-i-love-challenges-and-i-m-a-risk-taker/ http://www.musikansich.de/review.php?id=9211 http://www.sound-and-image.de/review_1217.htm http://www.onair-magazin.de/magazin/?p=1052 http://soulsite.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/myra-maimoh-killing-me/ http://www.newchristianmusic.co.uk/new_christian_music_disc/content.asp?s=36&p=133

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    Answer Me (Myra Maimoh)
    Cuando (Myra Maimoh)
    Hallow (Myra Maimoh)
    I'Ncourage You (Myra Maimoh)
    Killing Me (Myra Maimoh)
    Please Take It Slow (Myra Maimoh)
    The Lies (Myra Maimoh)
    Trutle Back Rock (Myra Maimoh)
    Whatever I Promise (Myra Maimoh)
    You and Me (Myra Maimoh)