Illusory World

Artist Musicproject ForgottenDogs
Title Illusory World
Release Date Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
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The new album form Project Forgotten Dogs

In 2017 Enrico Lombardi initiated this adventure and well-known musician and producer Carsten Klatte (Widukind, Lacasa Del Cid, Ex-Project Pitchfork, Heppner Live Crew) joined him for the production of FORGOTTEN DOGS first release “Vergessene Dogs”.
Music as an ethical statement – a symbiosis between Artists and Consumers who want to be united against animal cruelty, side by side against the destruction of our nature and together for our planet and a respectful life with our resources.
The new and fifth album ILLUSORY WORLD picks up on current global events and penetrates the psyche of people and their ways of thinking. With a trip-hop sound and a guest singer, the songs come with a new power and take this project to a new musical level.

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