Artist mushic
Title Kitamakura
Release Date Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Genre Electronic > Techno > Free Techno
Copyright © Super Life Records

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mushic - Kitamakura

Mushic is a techno project from Fujinomiya, Japan. Mushic started in 2006 and the music is a combination of mechanical-sounding rhythms and emotional melodies. The track Kitamakura is minimal tech music with pianos and guitars played live floating on top of the hypnotic beat.

The EP includes also three remixes by Super Life Records artists from Helsinki: An epic melodic techno remix by Dten, a fresh vintage techno remix by James Reipas and a beautifully complex electronica remix by Josu Mämmi. The word Kitamakura means the pillow facing north in Japanese and it's said that one who lays down with his head facing north, sleeps well. The mushic debut EP release party will be in Fujinomiya on 14 April 2018.


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