Artist misz Sputnik
Title Arrokoth
Release Date Friday, July 2, 2021
Genre Alternative > Alternative Pop
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miszSPUTNIK`s Retro-Russian-Elektro Style meets futuristic spacetronics combined with more than strange lyrics in ALIEN – AGITPROP style, creating simply state of the art contemporary avantgarde pop- music . Cutting rhythm patterns and vibrating bass tractors pull the whole spheric , electronic madhouse right into your steaming brainz. Rumour has it that miszSPUTNIK was found 2017 in Baikonur techno club scene, starting their career in the local elektro-cyborg underground neighbourhood. They soon had access to recycled legendary analogue post soviet synthesizers, real “musical coffins or tanks “ like the famous POLIVOKS. These harsh sounding ,Russian generated DRONE & BASS – sounds force you to shake your bones to demonspace – angel voices , accompanied by deep drone – vocals. Sometimes political , apocalyptic surreal lyrics catch you from behind while dancing your mind away. As former visual artists miszSPUTNIK framed their concerts with an overboarding Tsunami of weird performance, braingaping videowalls, Vodoo Alien masks and extraterrestrial costumes to offer a high energetic and mind twisting live experience. On the track “ Insane “ the whole SPUTNIK – universe is completed by TOBOT ( Tobias Ott ), the master of cosmic space – drumming on tabla and by LOW PROFILER ( Didi Neidhart ), the weirdest of weird Alien Dub wizards.Not to forget “Charly” Christoph Filip`s ecstatic space-guitar on the track “Vodoo Worm “. Ivan Antonov

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