Violin Solo 4 - Milan Pala

Artist Milan Pala
Title Violin Solo 4 - Milan Pala
Release Date Friday, January 11, 2013
Genre Classical > Violin Concerto
Composers Peter Machajdík, Juraj Tandler, Mirko Krajči, Juraj Beneš, Tadeáš Salva, Pavol Šimai, Ivan Parík, Jozef Malovec, Dušan Martinček, Jozef Sixta
Songwriters Peter Machajdík, Juraj Tandler, Mirko Krajči, Juraj Beneš, Tadeáš Salva, Pavol Šimai, Ivan Parík, Jozef Malovec, Dušan Martinček, Jozef Sixta

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Violin solo in the works of slovak composers - volume 4 (new album)

Milan Paľa is one of the most outstanding performers in Slovakia. His project of recording solo pieces by Slovak composers is remarkable and has an historical importance. Even in the international context we barely find a similar jewel. Therefore this project deserves respect and credit, particularly with regard to the economic circumstances in which this recording was made. We can sense obvious development in the soloist’s interpretation of the pieces that were recorded since 2009. His tools of expressiveness are wide and his interpretation is characterized by strict following of the notation while still managing to put his own personality into the interpretation of the music. These attributes are typical of only the most mature artists, who pass certain limits and master their instrument to the point where it becomes an inseparable part of their being. Milan Paľa brings to the listener authenticity, experience, professionalism, brilliant technique and his unique interpretative view. Thanks to avoiding frequent cuts of the recorded material, the result is smoothness and coherency of the works recorded.The charismatic recording reminds us of the atmosphere of the early recordings from the 1930’s and 40’s. The resulting sound flows naturally and offers extreme differentiation in dynamics and emotional content. This recording represents works which were written within the time frame of 1967 - 2011. The content of the pieces is obviously influenced by the esthetics of the individual composers, the social climate of the time, and stages in the development of the composers‘ thinking and concepts. Naturally , these works also reflect the solutions of various compositional schools in specific time periods. In the perception of some composers, a piece for solo violin is part of an imaginary cycle, with identical names, for different solo instruments. Because of the tuning in fifths and the similarity between the violin, viola and cello, some pieces are slightly modified versions of the works that the composer originally wrote for a different string instrument. Anton Steinecker Recorded digitaly at the Jabłonka Orawska Church (PL), October 8th-10th, 2012 Recording, Mastering (24 bit/192 kHz), Production and Distribution: PAVLÍK RECORDS • Producer: Leonard Vajdulák • Music Director: Milan Paľa • Sound Director: Rostislav Pavlík • Notes: © Anton Steinecker • Translation: © Peter Fančovič, Larry Newland • Photo: © Julián Veverica • Cover picture (detail): © Ester Martinčeková - Šimerová, Orava Gallery Collection • Graphic Design: © Martin Vojtek

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