Violin Solo 1 - Milan Pala

Artist Milan Pala
Title Violin Solo 1 - Milan Pala
Release Date Friday, November 25, 2011
Genre Classical > Violin Concerto
Composers Ilja Zeljenka, Ladislav Burlas
Songwriters Ilja Zeljenka, Ladislav Burlas

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Violin solo in the works of slovak composers - volume 1

...he is not only one of the greatest violinist, but his style has such a strong and unique character that we can say he created a new for the violin - Jean Guillou - organist ...charming violinist who is captivating by exceptional power, musicality and devotion to music. It is indubitable that he belongs nowadays to the most talented and interesting violinist and musicians of young generation - Evgeny Irshai Milan Paľa (1982) belongs to the best contemporary violinists whose playing arouses interest and admiration of both audience and professional musicians. Most of the pieces recorded on this CD were written by the composers especially for Milan being fascinated and inspired by his performance. The pieces that were not composed for Milan are performed by him so absorbingly one can only speculate if there really exist uninteresting compositions or they are only played by ill-suited musicians. Milan`s interpretation of all recorded compositions is brilliant, even fascinating.


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