Tænker mig tilbage

Artist Michelle Nielsen
Title Tænker mig tilbage
Release Date Friday, May 16, 2014
Genre Pop > Pop
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Zweite Single Auskopplung von Michelle Nielsen

Inzwischen hat die 25-Jährige Michelle Nielsen ihr Heimatland Dänemark erobert. Beste Chartplatzierungen in den heimischen Rundfunkanstalten sprechen für sich. Grund genug dafür an ein Album zu denken. Die SynthPop Ballade "Tænker mig tilbage" ist die zweite Single Auskopplung ihres bevorstehenden Albums."Tænker mig tilbage" is a song reflecting the main oppinion: Everything was better in the good old days. Michelle Nielsen is clearly in this song making a statement about the way, people in general are focusing on bad things instead of good things. Everyday tv and newspapers are filled with negative stories. The song is also a reflect and a critism about the way we treat weak people here in DK. When you are thinking back in time, you will remember people in common having empathy for weak and poor people. Today we just say: It`s their own fault.

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