Where I'm Going...

Artist Michael Stewart
Title Where I'm Going...
Release Date Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Genre R&B / Soul > R&B
Copyright © Hit'em Hard Entertainment

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Good Music, Easy to listen to, Makes you think about Love again!

So you say, what makes this cat stand out above the rest? Maybe it’s his ear for putting together torching beats that resonate through your mind, body, and soul like a cold chill. Or, how about his innate ability to generate lyrics, that once heard, touch your heart and renew your outlook on love. These things put together, makes for a well rounded music mogul on his way to the top, wouldn’t you say? Be on the look out for Michael’s upcoming album “Where I'm Going..." out now. This album demonstrates why love music will never go out of style. It’s feel good music at its best. For those of you who don’t know, better find out.


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