Penetration EP

Artist metamorphosis
Title Penetration EP
Release Date Sunday, December 20, 2009
Genre Rock > Metal > Alternative Metal
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Deeply-twisted industrial, rap and alterna-rock

Born from the ashes of a cold relationship, this EP brings the light of a dark phoenix. Matt Bentley AKA metamorphosis delivers a rollicking gaunt through the pits of despair & agony, and throws in some laughs along the way. With the title-track 'penetration' spanning 8 and a half minutes, it's no radio-friendly walk in the park. Combined with the other two - a relationship-based rap called 'story', plus a just-for-LOLs grunge song named 'Every time I see your face...' (I won't tell you what the rest of the name is) - this EP sets you back a good 18 minutes - no easy feat for a 3-track, the likes of which probably won't be seen again by metamorphosis (can anybody stay that angry for long?). Good luck finding the bright side on this one.


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