Artist McT feat. Kendrick Banks
Title Vuitton
Release Date Friday, September 15, 2023
Genre World > African > Afro Pop
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About McT

I was born into a family of 6, 3boys one girl i am the second child , first son. The eldest is a girl.
I developed my passion for music at age 5, i was in the church choir and also a drummer as at the time. I left music from 11 and focused more on dancing , I did that till I finished my university education at redeemer's university, where I won series of award as a dancer, including two open mic niight seasons.
I was always at a loggerhead with my parents over my career as a musical artist, while in my 2nd year at school the urge to go back to music was strong . So i recorded my first studio single tittle "CALL ME" . That period it was a R&B song that inspired me by Sean Kingston.
After my study at school I had to leave home to chase my dreams because home was like a prison with different cells of issues. I had no peace at home, coupled with my mum's failing health issue, it was heavy on me been the first son. It was a crazy experience so I went into the streets to try make ends meat, the streets shaped my musical ideology, i had just one producer then by name "Jyinio" he always guide me through my music jurney and it's dynamics working with him. Few years later we lost contact and I felt alone .
I relocated to Sangotedo , Lagos where I joined an entertainment company called "Elegant Empire International" in 2018. I was there for a year and three months before discovering it was all a joke there because they lack the vision to move forward, i was devasted and wanted to go back home to do my parents wish, yet i always had this drive in me that kept me focused
So I moved to the mainland part of Lagos ....Ogba, ikeja to be precised along malvino (a rapper) and Malik ( a videographer)...we were from the unserious entertainment house .We left because we knew we where meant for greatness and not to settle for the less.
We actually had no plans as to were to stay at the mainland..but hope kept us up..we finally got a studio to work in I became the studio producer ...actually I never had any production experience as at the time but due to survival instinct and the need for a roof over over my head I had to man up.
After three months we left the place and Malik who got us the studio also got us a better one ,this time a record label studio but they allowed only me to stay with them leaving my two other friends on the streets.
Finally in December 2021...I moved to Epe,Lagos where my friend and hypeman Nevedezzy introduced me to two brothers who are really dope artists, Wonderbwoy and Kendrick Banks. Since I met them, I saw the need to give it all for the music.

It's been a crazy ride musically and I love it Right now! It's too late to quit now because music is the food to my soul.



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