Klavírna hudba / Piano Works

Artist Martin Burlas / Vladimír Godár
Title Klavírna hudba / Piano Works
Release Date Thursday, June 26, 2014
Genre Classical > Instrumental
Composers Martin Burlas, Vladimír Godár
Songwriter Instrumental
Copyright © Pavian Records

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Latest release by Slovak artists Vladimír Godár and Martin Burlas!

Martin Burlas - Lullabies for Keyboard Insrument: "The piece Lullabies is an exceptional composition for me, as I was unusually at ease while writing it and concentrated on its harmonic development, it is extremely reduced and inconspicuous (typical for me)."Rails without Trains:"It consists of several snapshots narrating the emergence and extinction of hope."Paper King Is Dozing off: "Is a somewhat extensive piano prelude, inserted between an introduction and a coda..."Vladimír Godár - Trigram for piano: "I wrote it as a 16-year-old boy in the time of the outset of "normalization" era while studiyng at the Bratislava Conservatory. Trigram was my attempt to join dodecaphonic principles (all-interval row) and tonality (Lendvai´s axis system); its harmonic character was inspired by Xenakis´ theory of sieves from his study Vers une métamusique.Grave, Passacaglia for piano: "It consists of variations based on an ostinato module of four minor chords. Architectonically it is a symmetrical arch..."Emmeleia for piano: " The Piece has a number of versions today. In a version for violin, strings, harp and crotales it turned into a leading theme of the film score for Martin Šulik´s The Graden in 1995."

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