Whiskey & Weed

Artist Marc Miner
Title Whiskey & Weed
Release Date Friday, November 15, 2019
Genre Country > Outlaw Country
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Whiskey & Weed Go Together

Americana and alternative country artist Marc Miner reminisce about the “good old times” when he used to party every day in the rural USA. His upcoming single “Whiskey & Weed” will be out on November 15th.

Marc Miner’s newest single release “Whiskey & Weed” is not only a great outlaw story about love, drugs, parties and the evil spirits that come with it when you over do that kind of stuff, but it also shows Miner’s darker side. It expresses a scabby and sinful but still lustful and authentic part of Marc Miner. The artist explains: “I had a few highs and one hell of lows in my life. ‘Whiskey & Weed’ had always some kind of impact on the up- and downsides in my life, so I guess it was time to put it in a song”.

A fast and heavy outlaw song, that works perfectly at honky tonks and barn parties. But even if your lifestyle isn’t as excessive as Miner’s, his “Whiskey & Weed” will take you to the past when you felt young, wild and untamed at a stranger’s party. “Yeah, I guess everyone’s been in this situation before. The only difference is, most people know when to stop, while I tend to keep on and on and on. But honestly, I don’t regret anything. It all made me the one I am today, though I must admit I’m not sure if I still remember every detail of my past.”, Miner laughs.

Though most of Miner’s previous releases had a more positive and softer sound, his bitter-sweet point of view on the subjects of his songs assembles all his releases to a continuous enhancement. “As long as I will go through highs and lows, I’ll be writing and singing passionately about these opposites that go together. In fact, so do ‘Whiskey & Weed’.”

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