Warm Welcome

Artist Marc Miner
Title Warm Welcome
Release Date Friday, June 19, 2020
Genre Country > Americana
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Of Warm Welcomes and Cold Good-Byes

Alternative-Outlaw-Country-Rock & Americana artist Marc Miner always has been kind of an estray. Many places did he visit, many acquaintances did he make, and seldom did he linger. In his new single “Warm Welcome” he’s telling us one of those into-and-straight-out-of-town stories. The song will be out on Between Music on June 19th.

Marc Miner’s newest red-dirt-country-rock smasher is breaking down the singer’s lifestyle. Miner sums up with a wink: “We go into a new town, meet people, have fun, go out and lose them. Years later you walk in again and you feel like home and while you party and laugh with all those lovely people you already know you’ll be gone the next day. That’s how being a no-name musician looks like.”

But wait, isn’t that a love story? We want to know the details!
“WhenI started writing the song, I had this special girl on my mind. Her name was Jennifer from Tucumcari in New Mexico that I dated back in the summer of 2000. She was gorgeous and I’m really sorry for breaking her heart. We were young and I was a little dickhead. But the road was calling and I had to move on… everytime”, Miner explains with a certain nostalgic undertone: “You know, every ‘Warm Welcome’ is followed up by a ‘cold good-bye’!”

Marc Miner – Bio
When you think of alternative-outlaw-country-rock and americana music you probably think of USA, maybe Canada. So, Marc Miner is the European outpost. While Nashville is considered the “city of music” in the USA, Marc settled down in the European version of it: Vienna, Austria! As if that weren’t enough Marc is also an international breed: His father from USA met Marc’s mother from Germany in Poland. That’s also where Marc was born, before the family had to leave the country. They moved to Vienna, where Marc grew up and where he started his first bands ranging from rock n roll, rock to even punk and grunge - which at that time was the "teenage sound of revolution". 
By the age of 16 the rebelling Marc Miner decided to leave home. He traveled through Europe, got a job on board of a container ship and arrived in the USA in 2000. Impressed by the lifestyle of the South, the prairie, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains and the melodies he heard there he decided to stay.

Unfortunately, life isn't a free ride so beside his music jobs he also started to gamble, which finally got him to jail. Marc was accused of illegal gambling, forging and other "trivial offenses" as he calls it. With some help from his father’s influential friends the US authorities finally amnesty Marc, but he had to leave this wonderful country.

Back in Europe he finally settled down in Vienna. Here he does what he can do best: playing music in front of a bigger and smaller crowds or recording and producing songs for the outcasts, misfits, losers and broken-hearted.

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