Artist Mama Dash
Title Perfection
Release Date Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Genre Reggae > Roots Reggae
Copyright © Pantani Productions
Country SWEDEN

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Debut album-08. Including the hits, Red light, Miss you and Waiting

Mama Dash, “Perfection” There is something special about south swedish reggae. Even though Mama Dash doesn’t sing in “skånsk” dialect like Peps Persson and Timbuktu, they have a similar sound of that groove. When Pedde Klementsson, one of the two lead singers, steps up to the mic the music takes a shape of old classic roots style. The debut album “Perfection” is, despite the short recording time, incredibly well-produced and mature. The sound is varied, groovy and stylish, and capture the bands live feeling. When Sanna, Peddes sister, grabs the mic the music takes a more soul jazz form. The songs "Sister" and closing "Waiting" is clear evidence of this. "Perfection" has nine tracks with a nice mix of reggae, soul, pop, jazz and blues.


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