Artist Malek Andrea
Title Retúr
Release Date Friday, July 29, 2011
Genre Jazz > Jazz Pop
Copyright © WA Music

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Neue CD von Malek Andrea Band

Andrea Malek has gone a long way from the musical stage to her latest CD. She has gathered an excellent band around her, with which she has toured successfully for years. Malek Andrea Band (collectively MAB) formed basically to smuggle a couple of hours’ worth of fun into the audience’s souls after all the drama around. Andrea also found a new genre for this collection: „also”. It is indeed an apt little word, the selection being so colourful that it refuses any categorization – this is Andrea Malek now. One must just listen! At home, in the car, during jogging… Almost every song is fused with jazz and the sensual rhythms of latin pop. She collected her recent favourites on this CD, without any style restriction. That’s how tracks like Too Late, My Father Believed, Flying with the Song or Lonely Boy received complete makeovers. Naturally, there are new compositions among this fifteen, written by keyboardistRichard Révész and bassist György Frey. Andrea also took her part in composing music and writing lyrics, so these songs really reflect her own emotions. And as far as her own desires with the Return album, she summarized them in one sentence: "To make them cry, laugh, eat, drink or do anything good while I’m singing.."


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