Artist Malek Andrea Band
Title Koncert
Release Date Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Genre Jazz > Latin Jazz
Copyright © M & M Music

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Malek Andrea Band LIVE!!

If 12 years ago I wasn’t forced to approach that piano player, hand him the notes and sing that Sarah Vaughan song… maybe I’d still hang around there convincing myself that however much I’d love to, I couldn’t possibly do that! But I took a deep breath and started off with trembling knees… from the musical towards jazz. They don’t live in the same street. Musical – be it a delicate masterpiece or a poorly constructed patchwork – is after all off the rack. Jazz on the other hand, is like a unique, self woven fabric: it is like you, its creator. It surely carries a higher risk, but it also brings even greater joy. So, this live recording is a kind of self portrait: this is me recently. A doctor friend says that it is psycho-analysis and therapy at the same time. My companions on this way, these generous and enormously talented musicians open new horizons to my fantasy; we play Latin music, quiet little songs that are close to my heart, and musicals turned into magic. We love playing together – I hope it’s just as good to listen to us.

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