ur Gluntarne av Gunnar Wennerberg

Artist Magnus Billström / Thomas Norrby / Mattias Böhm
Title ur Gluntarne av Gunnar Wennerberg
Release Date Monday, March 29, 2021
Genre Classical > Song Cycle
Copyright © Op 111 Productions
Country SWEDEN

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Gluntarne (The "Glunts")

Duets for baritone (The master) and bass (The Glunt) with piano accompaniment, composed during the 1840-ies in Uppsala by Gunnar Wennerberg (1817-1901), art historian,politician, minister of education, governor and - before all - poet and composer.
Those days, a glunt was a colloquialism for a peasant boy, like a bumpkin or lout, but maybe not as derogatory. Today, A Glunt specifically refers to one of the songs of this collection and The Glunt is precisely one of its twho characters.

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