Aajo Mora Des

Artist Madhvi Mehta and Asim Mehta
Title Aajo Mora Des
Release Date Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Genre World > Bhajan
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Aajo Mora Des - Soulful Krishna Bhajans Sung by Madhvi and Asim Mehta

Madhvi and Asim Mehta have released their latest album "Aajo Mora Des" which is a collection of 9 soulful Krishna Bhajans, or devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna. The composers include Jaydev Bhojak, Dakshesh Dhruv, Jagjit Singh, and Asim Mehta. The lyrics are mainly written by the poet Saint Meerabai. Others are by Suren Thakkar 'Mehul', Khaalas,Bhaktivinoda Thakura, and Bhago Chaaran. The music arrangements are done by Vikram Patil and Asim Mehta. Madhvi has sung 6 of the bhajans while Asim has sung 3. We, at KAMP Music, are very excited to release this album via Rebeat and are certain you will enjoy each and every one of these 9 tracks.

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