Indigo Blue

Artist Maddy Rose
Title Indigo Blue
Release Date Friday, October 23, 2020
Genre R&B / Soul > Soul
Copyright © Silvertree Records

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Single "Indigo Blue" - Maddy Rose

(Vienna, October 2020) The Austrian Soul and Pop singer Maddy Rose is known for her warm, jazzy voice and soulful piano chords. The upcoming release “Indigo Blue” is the first debut single from their upcoming album “pure” and was recorded at the Vienna City Sound Studios. The music is characterised by soulful and intellectual melodies with a vintage character featuring cello and violins and feminine strength.
With the aim of connecting the audience directly with the music and transporting honest feelings, only acoustic recordings were made in the studio. A sincere yet courageous vulnerability gets portrayed through honest and unadulterated live music. ”The music exists of feelings and emotions, I aim to build my songs exactly on that and recreate this indescribable magic with authentic music."
“Indigo Blue” is an ode to time in love. You can forget everything from days to seasons in the intoxication of emotions when you admire someone. When you can lose yourself in the blue eyes of the other person, time seems to stand still.
Maddy's previous singles "You ain't got me waiting" with over 50,000 Spotify streams, or "In a better place" produced by David Piribauer, show the international influence of the London music scene. The determined singer was able to win this year's well-known Donau Insel Festival competition “Rock the Island Contest 2020”. Maddy Rose is also the winner of the Austrian Music Fund 2020 with the submission of her upcoming album “pure”, which will be released in spring 2021.


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