Artist Lunar Aurora
Title Hoagascht
Release Date Friday, March 2, 2012
Genre Rock > Metal > Black Metal
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Glorious return of a Black Metal-institution!

The German band LUNAR AURORA kicked off in 1994 by Aran (guitars/voice) and Whyrhd (guitars/voice), adding Sindar (bass-guitar/keys) later on in 1996, LUNAR AURORA started to pave its very own ways through the worlds of Black Metal. Going through different drummer and label changes, LUNAR AURORA released more than 8 albums up to date and contributed exclusive song material to different compilation samplers, before the band released their highly acclaimed album ANDACHT in January 2007. After a creative break from spring 2007 until spring 2010 and the departure of Sindar, Aran and Whyrhd started to develop new material in the late summer weeks of the year 2010. This results in LUNAR AURORA's recent album HOAGASCHT which has been finished in November 2011.


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