That`s me

Artist Luana
Title That`s me
Release Date Monday, July 2, 2012
Genre R&B / Soul > R&B
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Luana - Thats Me

Luana, also known as Chéjah (born as Stephanie Cea), is a mc (it s wrong to say rapper...!!) and singer from Basel and one of Switzerland's foremost hip hop pioneers who started writing rhymes in 1983 when she first heard about the Rock Steady Crew. She later became a Zulu Queen and as such, a member of the Zulu Nation. She debuted on Fresh Stuff 1, the first Swiss rap compilation on vinyl in the late 80s. Her performances where very known in the Coupole in Biel in the early 90s - when she was sharing the stage with groups like Duty Free, I AM, NTM, Lord Finesse, Sens Unik and many many others. She opened up shows for De La Soul, Run DMC, Joe Cocker, 2Unlimited and others. Most of her rhymes and songs are in English.


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