Artist Lovv Pran Mehta feat. Ashwini Koushik
Title Noor
Release Date Monday, February 28, 2022
Genre New Age > Ethnic Fusion
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Country INDIA

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Noor - Lovv Pran Mehta feat. Ashwini Koushik

This piece is a composition in Indian Scale, Raag Basant. Basant denotes the changing of the season and the newness of spring. This Raag encourages the mind to brush away its selfishness, just like spring-cleaning removes all the cobwebs and creates a fresh start. There are feelings of hope and expectation of a new beginning and the start of a new cycle. Mellifluous from the start to the end.
Ashwini Koushik is a renownwed and versatile flautist from Bengaluru India who has played with leading composers for recordings and Live shows.
Composer amd Keyboardist Lovv Pran Mehta is based in Bengaluru and has scored music for leading coomercials, background scores and feature films