Loop Machine

Artist Loop Machine
Title Loop Machine
Release Date Monday, August 2, 2010
Genre R&B / Soul > Disco
Copyright © Higher Sphere.net
Country SWEDEN

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Loop Machine dance floor oriented R&B with Pop influenses

This is the first release from Loop Machine. Music has been written and produced in Sweden by female producer Iz aka Isabella. It was recorded during the hottest days of the summer in 2010. 'Brother MF' is a track about bullying and trying to fight back from it and regain respect and dignity. 'DanceFloor' is a metaphor for the symbol of manhood. 'Loop Machine' is about the search for perfection & the strength that comes with it, wherever it might occure. Doing it over and over again until you either loose it or find a point where to leave it be. The music takes influenses from eg Ciara, Pussy Cat Dolls etc. Please also check out other releases from Higher Sphere label. Like eg Commission of Release, Broken Messiah and Ghetto Overture. More music from Loop Machine will be available during the fall 2010. Enjoy! ---- The track Dancefloor get prime time radio plays on FM Radio station in Spain.

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24.08.2010 Track, Dancefloor gets radio plays on FM Radio in Spain