Red Hawk's Vision Quest

Artist Lee Negin
Title Red Hawk's Vision Quest
Release Date Saturday, May 22, 2010
Genre Electronic > Dance > Hard Dance
Copyright © Passing Phase Music (BMI)

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Lee Negin's Music Video Soundtrack

Techno/electronica/psychedelic/sound sculptor/synthesist/trip hop/ambient musician Lee Negin was inspired by visual artist Red Hawk Special Ops Dark Angel and his unique artistic creations. Using Red Hawk's work as inspiration, Lee wrote a short soundtrack to acccompany Red Hawk's selected images in a music video. The results can be seen on You Tube and other video sites internationally. It will blow people's minds!


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22.05.2010 Released on You Tube as music video
22.05.2010 Released as a difital single
25.05.2010 Uloaded to Myspace, Facebook, SoundClick, Last.fm, IM Radio, Sonic Tribe, Glarn.net, etc.
25.05.2010 Uploaded to Sonic Tribe, Myspace
25.05.2010 Uploaded to Facebook, Twitter
25.05.2010 Uploaded to Sound Click, Last.fm
25.05.2010 Uploaded to Glarn.net, IM Radio
22.05.2010 Released as a digital single