Aleksandra Bucholc

Artist Aleksandra Bucholc / Lech Napierala
Title Aleksandra Bucholc
Release Date Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Genre Classical > Violin Concerto
Composers Édouard Lalo, Camille Saint Saëns, Nicolo Paganini
Songwriters Édouard Lalo, Camille Saint Saëns, Nicolo Paganini

Promotion Text

Aleksandra Bucholc - VIOLIN, Lech Napierala - PIANO

Aleksandra Bucholc (PL) was born in Warsaw in 1994.04.10. She started to play violin at the age of 6. At present she is a student of Zenon Brzewski Secondary Music School in Warsaw. She is working under the supervision of prof. Magdalena Szczepanowska. To her successes belong: - I. prize at International Competition of Janina Garścia, Stalowa Wola (2004) 2008: - I. prize at Tadeusz Wroński Solo Violin Competition for Young Violinists, Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Main Prize in the 12th International Competition of Bohdan Warchal in playing the bow-string instruments, Dolny Kubin, Słowacja - I. prize in the 1st category of chamber play at 12th International Competition of Bohdan Warchal in playing the bow-string instruments, Dolny Kubin, Słowacja - I. Prize at National Chamber Music Competition „ Around Vivaldi “ distinction for the best performance of A. Vivaldi composition, Kraków 2009: - II. prize in the 51st, "Kocian Violin Competition",Usti nad Orlicí, Czech Republic - Grand Prix at the VII Festival School of Music Chamber Ensemble, Sierpc 2010: - II. Prize at the National Violin Festival, Kielce - The title of Laureate of the X International Violin Competition "Janko Musician", Sochaczew - I. place at Juliusz Zarębski X International Music Competition. (chamber playing), Łomianki 2011: - I. place at the All-Poland Competition in Honour of Groblicz Family in Cracow - I. place at the Chamber Music Meetings, Sochaczew - I. place at Grażyna Bacewicz National Competition of String Chamber Music, Łódź Aleksandra has been performing as a soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra „ Sinfonia Viva“ and with „Sinfonia Varsovia“in a concert broadcasted by the Second pr. Polish Radio. As a soloist she played with the accompaniment of The State Chamber Orchestra of Zilina in concerts "Talents for Europe" in Dolny Kubin, and Zilina. She has played a few times as a soloist and as a member of string trio at Warsaw Philharmonic. Aleksandra was awarded a grant of Franciszek Wybrańczyk for ”Highly Talented Young Polish Musicians“.She has participated in masterclasses led by Prof. Wolfgang Marshner, Prof. Christopher Chorzelski, Prof. Andrzej Zienkowski, Prof. Zakhar Bron, Prof. Eugeny Durnovo and in Summer Courses of Interpretation solo and chamber music in the Master Class Prof. Wanda Wiłkomirska. Her favourite composers are P.I. Tschaikovsky, S. Prokofiev, A. Dvorak and D. Shostakovich. Her hobbies are movies, theater, drawing, horse riding and fishing.