Maa Naa Halarda

Artist Lalitya Munshaw
Title Maa Naa Halarda
Release Date Thursday, May 8, 2014
Genre Children's Music > Lullabies
Copyright © Red Ribbon Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Country INDIA

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Maa Naa Halarda

“In our busy world, it’s easy to forget the time-honored practice of singing to our little ones. Lullabies provide a joyful, soul-soothing way to calm your fussy baby or to help lull her to sleep (and to calm yourself at the same time). There is just no substitute for these quiet moments of connection -- time spent nurturing your little love. So, get comfortable in that rocking chair, and enjoy a few moments of peace while listening to album 'Maa Na Halarda'.“Lullabies have been an integral part of Indian culture and heritage. It has been scientifically proven that listening to lullabies during pregnancy does have an enhancing and soothing effect on the unborn child. The child feels the first touch of its mother’s love through lullabies only. In this modern era, where lullabies are on verge of being extinct, efforts to recreate the magic of popular lyrics by putting them to contemporary music shall work wonders in resurrecting lullabies back to its worthy place in current Indian ethos."

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