Artist Ladislav Fanzowitz / Pavol Hoďa
Title Sax-o-phun
Release Date Thursday, March 30, 2017
Genre Classical > Instrumental

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Saxophone and piano in the formation of classical music

The purpose of the recording you are holding in your hands is to show saxophone from a different angle and to shine a new light at its true historical origin and development. Despite its common use in jazz, saxophone was not originally intended for jazz music. Since its invention in 1842 by Belgian Adolph Sax, it became an inspiration for many composers of classical music. Sax-O-Phun is historically the first Slovak CD comprising of exclusively classical saxophone pieces and it offers to listeners an entire sound experience from the soprano saxophone through alto, tenor, baritone up to the bass saxophone. The most valuable instrument presented on the CD is a very rare c-melody saxophone used in the piece Sax-O-Phun after which this CD is named.In the interpretation of Slovak artists Pavol Hoďa (all types of saxophones) and Ladislav Fanzowitz (piano and tenor saxophone) you can listen to saxophone pieces written in the 20th century, but also a very effective piece by Slovak composer Evgeny Irshai titled Husband‘s Wrath, written in 2016 and dedicated to the performing artists of this CD.

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