Baby (open up to me) [Rick Cue Remix]

Artist Kesara
Title Baby (open up to me) [Rick Cue Remix]
Release Date Friday, July 8, 2022
Genre Electronic > Dance > Dance
Copyright © T.S.M.P. Music, LC29449

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Kesara - Baby (open up to me) - Rick Cue Remix

The dance-project Kesara, brought to life by Mike Brubek and Wordz Deejay, has already released a large number of songs with top positions in well-known charts.
For example, there were the tracks "Around you" and "Without you", which the singer "Corinne Casey" lent her voice to. These songs got top positions in the charts and are still present in DJ sets.

After a longer creative break (because of producing many other tracks/projects), the producers of Kesara took up the project again and used a well-known melody from an opera and made it suitable for parties and in the original version with a small reminiscence of the 90s.
The track, which includes the well-known tune Habanero (opera Carmen), immediately let´s have you a good mood and the video borrows graphic-styles from old video games (which can be seen as a small gag).

After the original version of Kesara - Baby (open up to me) was released recently, the well-known DJ Rick Cue now brings you an up-to-date, club-ready remix.
With its slaphouse style, the remix immediately invites you to dance and the edit version is also absolutely suitable for radio.
Rick Cue has already released his own singles with the producers of Kesara - who have also launched many other projects such as Wordz&Brubek (current single "City Lights") - and new tracks are currently being worked on.

The producers Mike Brubek and Wordz Deejay - the masterminds behind these productions - already have millions of streams and gold status and are also working on new tracks for various projects.

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    Baby (open up to me) (Kesara)