Der kleine Luxus

Artist Kammerer OrKöster
Title Der kleine Luxus
Release Date Friday, November 20, 2020
Genre Jazz > Instrumental
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“Der kleine Luxus” (i.e. the little luxury) - available for every household now!


The “Kammerer Orköster“ is an Austrian-German sextet that oscillates stylistically between modern jazz, New Orleans Dixieland band and local brass-orchestra. Its founders, Jakob Kammerer and Richard Köster, view their ensemble as part of the fctitious genre of “Kuschel-Avantgarde” (i.e. cuddly avantgarde). Their music is always to be taken with a pinch of salt. With a lot of humor and creativity the winners of the Burghausen Newcomers' Jazz Award explore the possibilities of varied instrumentation. Four wind instruments – trumpet, alto saxophone, two trombones - together with bass and drums provide the distinctive sound that lures the audience onto a journey of unknown soundscapes.

In their second studio album the “Kammerer Orköster” devote themselves to beauty and simplicity. “Der kleine Luxus” (i.e. the little luxury) refers to the uniqueness inherent in every moment. Wherever we succeed in realizing its value without any further ado it becomes a source of great joy in life.
Kammerer and Köster, who also function as the ensemble's composers, fnd this little luxury in love and farewell, in humor and in everyday contentedness / contentment, or simply - worn out and late at night - in a midnight snack at the kitchen table. There is no room for grand gestures as the compositions simply aim at sharing ordinary experiences.

This intimate atmosphere is supported and enhanced by the other members of the
ensemble: Beate Wiesinger, Alois Eberl, Benjamin Daxbacher, and Christian AmstätterZöchbauer are not just co-working musicians, they are friends enjoying the magic of shared moments on and of the stage.


„Very brisk, unique, versatile and funny!“
– Axel Stinshoff (Jazz thing)

„Sometimes they are a Mini-Big-Band, then again they go for Chamber Music subtlety. There are polyphonic horn arrangements and allusions to traditional brass music and much more.“
– Andreas Felber (Ö1)

„One gets the notion that on the stage there are not just six musicians but rather six friends listening to and trusting each other. Only that way can a sound like theirs be created, which the audience doesn't seem to get enough of tonight.“
– David Koch (BR Klassik)


Richard Köster: trumpet, fugelhorn
Benjamin Daxbacher: alto saxophone
Alois Eberl: trombone
Christian Amstätter-Zöchbauer: bass trombone, tuba
Beate Wiesinger: double bass
Jakob Kammerer: drums

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22.10.2020 Zwe  Wien (AUT)
25.10.2020 Jazzclub Bamberg  Bamberg (GER)
21.11.2020 Pöchlarn  Pöchlarn (AUT)
20.11.2020 Jazzclub Augsburg  Augsburg (GER)
31.10.2020 Jazzclub Alluvium  Oldenburg (GER)
29.10.2020 Sauerland Herbst  Arnsberg (GER)
28.10.2020 Loft  Köln (GER)