Artist KAMM
Title Moola
Release Date Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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"Moola" by KAMM Produced By Mr.RAZ

"Moola" by KAMM Produced By Mr.RAZ - A Funky New Single That's Already an Instant

VAM-United Records is proud to announce the release of the latest single by KAMM,
produced by Mr.RAZ. "Moola" is a funky and motivational track that is sure to make you hit
the "replay" button on your streaming apps. Fans have already called it an instant "banger,"
and KAMM is confident that his latest creation will be accepted internationally.
KAMM has been keeping the funk alive in Europe, and he continues to spread his music and
vibes across new audiences worldwide. After a live performance in Frankfurt, Germany, fans
expressed that "Moola" reminded them of the "New Jack Swing" and "G-Funk" styles of
music combined. The track features a catchy hook and a funky groove that is sure to be
appreciated by music lovers everywhere.

Production and recordings for "Moola" were completed at VAM-United Studios, and the duo
of KAMM and Mr.RAZ plan to continue releasing new singles and videos leading up to
KAMM's official album, "Hippy Road." The album will be available for streaming and
purchasing on all major platforms, so be sure to check it out.

KAMM has already proven himself to be a popular artist, with over 5 million streams across
multiple platforms. He has released several successful singles, including "New Beginnings,"
"Exhale," "Free Your Mind," "Swipe," and "Digits." He is quickly gaining recognition as a
talented indie artist and producer, and music venue promoters across Europe are
encouraged to get in touch with VAM-United Records for the best deals on bringing KAMM
to their regions.

As a known cannabis enthusiast, there is much speculation online about who may be
featured on KAMM's upcoming album, "Hippie Road." Fans are eager to see what kind of
guests he may have and what kind of features will be included in the album. In the
meantime, fans are encouraged to stream "Moola" and join KAMM's social media to tell him
how they feel about the track.

In conclusion, "Moola" is an exciting new single by KAMM and Mr.RAZ that is sure to make
waves in the music industry. Its funky and motivational sound, combined with the catchy
hook and funky groove, make it a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. So be sure to
stream "Moola" today and join KAMM's journey as he continues to spread his music and
vibes to new audiences worldwide

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