Loner Stoner

Artist KAMM
Title Loner Stoner
Release Date Friday, October 13, 2023
Genre R&B / Soul > Funk
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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KAMM Drops Funk-Infused Hip-Hop Anthem "Loner Stoner"

KAMM Drops Funk-Infused Hip-Hop Anthem "Loner Stoner" – A Tribute to Modern-Day
Hippies and Unyielding Family Bonds

Dive into the rhythmic world of KAMM's latest single, "Loner Stoner," a track that seamlessly blends hip-hop with funk, capturing the essence of a modern-day
hippy. This isn't just another song; it's a narrative that resonates with many, echoing the spirit of those who march to their own beat, whether solo or in a crew.

From the moment you hit play, the infectious bass-line and groove promise to captivate. But it's not just about the music. The accompanying video, presented by VAM-United Studios, offers a vibrant visual treat. Filmed in the heart of KAMM's hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, it stars none other than Kamm's father, Myron “KB” Kingsberry, portraying the unforgettable "Stoner Ball Johnson." This authentic representation gives fans a rare glimpse into KAMM's roots and the inspirations behind his artistry.

The magic behind "Loner Stoner" was crafted at VAM-United Studios in Germany, under the genius touch of renowned European music producer, Mr.RAZ. The synergy between KAMM and Mr.RAZ is undeniable. Their history of collaboration has consistently birthed hits that are not only catchy but also visually compelling.

As you groove to "Loner Stoner," don't miss out on the exclusive merch dropping soon at KAMM's online store. And for those eager to catch the magic live, KAMM is gearing up for a major European tour, spotlighting cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the northeast of France. VAM-United Records is on the hunt for a main sponsor to help keep ticket prices affordable, in line with KAMM's vision. Tour dates will be announced on KAMMsWorld.com as soon as they're finalized.

So, what are you waiting for? Stream "Loner Stoner" on your go-to platform, share the vibes with friends, and engage as a true #VAMUnitedRepresenter. Dive deep into the world of KAMM and discover the sound of a generation.

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