I'm Different

Artist KAMM
Title I'm Different
Release Date Saturday, October 28, 2023
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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KAMM Drops Funk-Infused Hip-Hop Anthem, I'm Different. Prod. by Mr.RAZ.

KAMM Drops Funk-Infused Hip-Hop Anthem,
"I'm Different" Produced by the Acclaimed Mr.RAZ
October 22, 2023 - SAARBRÜCKEN, GERMANY - VAM-United Records proudly presents the much-anticipated single, “I’m Different” by the sensational KAMM. Set to debut on the 28th of October, this hip-hop-funk fusion was brilliantly crafted at VAM-United Studios in Saarbrücken and boasts the touch of renowned International German Music Producer, Mr.RAZ, originally hailing from Romania.
KAMM, who has previously enchanted listeners with tracks that amassed over 5 million streams and belongs to a lineage of talented musicians from Knoxville, Tennessee, continues to charm with his unique sound. Reflecting on his roots, KAMM recently produced a spontaneous music video for his earlier hit, "Loner Stoner," alongside his father.
"Weird is the side effect of being awesome," declares KAMM. With “I’m Different” he reinforces the credo that one's distinct vibe draws their tribe. The message is lucid: embrace who you are, cherish your authenticity, and recognize that uniqueness paves the way to success. True to form, KAMM delivers an electrifying track, harmonizing his signature 808 bass with lively instrumentation.
Eager fans can catch a sneak peek! Short reels from “I’m Different” will light up Instagram, featured on both the music label's channel, @vamunited, and the artist's own, @kammvam. Engage in the rhythm, share the vibe, and don’t forget to drop your comments!
For those itching to grab the full release, all relevant links will soon be accessible on KAMM's official website, KAMMsWorld.com.
And here's a special heads-up: A limited edition of “I’m Different” merchandise is in the pipeline! Be swift to snag your piece. Once stocks run out, a reorder won’t be on the cards.
In light of this release, VAM-United Records is gearing up to set the stage for KAMM's Europe Tour in 2024. Independent club owners, promoters, and venues itching for a slice of this exhilarating action, here's your cue. Collaborate with us! Reach out via email at Office@vamunited.de or dial +49.681.9581188.
Stay tuned, stay different, and let the music play on!
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