Artist Kamm
Title Exhale
Release Date Friday, September 17, 2021
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

Promotion Text

Keepin the Funk Alive, says KAMM with his brand new fresh single "Exhale"!

The new single by International Funkrap Artist KAMM, "Exhale" is a breath of fresh air, fresh sound,
and fresh vibes! VAM-United Records is vibing with the energy and ready for the world to "Exhale"!
KAMM fans from Germany have already called it an "earworm", after joyning a straight from the studio
live streaming on Artists Social Media, or some of them simply called "stoner music", and "Exhale" a
complete vibe! Some KAMM fans Started even a trend online, video editing older people dancing on
this special vibe of the song. Being asked by VAM-United Records staff what does he think about this
trend, KAMM well known for being very involved with his social media community answered: "as long
it keeps being funny and nobody gets hurt in any form, let's have some fun, why not!"
Recorded at VAM-United Studios in Saarbrucken - Germany, Mr.RAZ after producing the song, kept
the "Exhale" song on repeat as you most likely will too! The world is full of experiences, cultures, and
art, but sometimes it's not a problem to take your own trip, wherever you'd like! Purchase the new
single by KAMM, "Exhale" in all online music stores, stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and all major
online streaming platforms.
If you enjoy Funkrap and/or are a fan of KAMM's music, then don't hesitate to join our KAMM
community on your favourite Social Media platform or by e-mailing VAM-United Records officials.
Keep on Funkrap Alive!

About VAM-United Studios:
VAM-United Studios was founded by Mr.RAZ and mainly records Hip-Hop and Rap music with local
artists in the Saar-Lor-Lux area in Europe. The quality and professionalism at VAM-United Studios have
seen it booked throughout. Since its inception, VAM-United Records has had numerous releases
worldwide with artists like Simonne, Killa E, Chabibis, Kevin Stvxx, Alan Stern, Grandfathers Skin, TSK,
and of course KAMM.


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