Artist Kamm
Title Digits
Release Date Monday, February 14, 2022
Genre R&B / Soul > Funk
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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Are you still asking for Digits?!

Some people enjoy online dating, searching for a match, and it's kind of the new wave of building relationships. Kamm says, " let's do it old school," in his new single, "Digits" referring to dating tactics used before social media! Mr.RAZ said, "Digits, is funky enough for Romania," and is excited for the new release by Kamm! There's a generation who loves to funk, people who enjoy a unique moment with another individual, or simply starting with a phone number! This tune is funky, easy to sing along to, and the VAM-United Studios Team in Germany, say this song is an ,,ohrwurm" for sure!

Getting a Social Media account is good but nothing beats getting a phone number from the person you are attracted to, it was and still is a kind of confirmation that they like you back and are willing to spend more time with you. Now back in the days when I was a teenager, says Mr.Raz the Producer of Kamm new Single "Digits", we were kind of competing with the way of getting a Phone Number, pick up lines and all this stuff, but some of us were very shy and although now are different times where the information travels very fast, some things never change. "Digits" it's the perfect song for all my shy and anxious people out there, just
send a Spotify link with the "Digits" by Kamm to the person you are attracted to, it may work and you are going to get a phone number or it may not but at least you will know for sure that your message has been delivered and you will have no regrets later in life, there is nothing wrong with try and fail but with regrets, because you may never be able to relive a certain moment again, says Mr.RAZ of VAM-United Records.

Kamm is excited to bring you his new single "Digits" and if you love being on social media and you don't follow Kamm on IG @KAMMVAM you are missing out on your daily portion of fun in his Storys, also says Mr.RAZ.
On February 14th be on the lookout for Kamm new single "Digits".

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