Dees Strasses

Artist KAMM feat. RAD
Title Dees Strasses
Release Date Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © VAM-United Records

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Ready to catch onto the latest slang term? Kamm's "Dees Strasses"

Ready to catch onto the latest slang term? Kamm's "Dees Strasses" is taking Germany by storm and beyond!

Hip-hop fans worldwide are in for a treat as Kamm, the renowned artist from the esteemed
Hip-Hop Music Label VAM-United Records, has released a new track titled "Dees Strasses."
Produced at the renowned VAM-United Studios in Saarbrücken, Germany, the 808 anthem
features German hip-hop duo, R.A.D., who have brought their unique underground flavor to
the track.

As the world emerges from the lockdown, Kamm's fans are ready to hit the streets, and "Dees
Strasses" is the perfect soundtrack to their resurgence. The song's title, which roughly
translates to "being outside, being productive, doing what you love," has quickly become a
favorite among Kamm's fans and promises to be a slang term that will catch on in Germany
and beyond.

The song's producer, Mr.RAZ, expressed his excitement about the release, hoping that fans
would enjoy it as much as they did in the studio. The choice to collaborate with R.A.D., an
authentic underground hip-hop duo, has been applauded by the representatives of the
famous indie music label, VAM-United Records. They have encouraged Kamm's fan base and
music lovers to follow them on social media, especially Instagram, where Kamm is known for
being very active and engaging.

As Kamm continues to tour countries and cities worldwide, he remains grateful for his family
all over Germany, and the country's fascinating language has always intrigued him. With "Dees
Strasses," Kamm has created a fun and motivational anthem that people worldwide can catch
onto and use to encourage others to get outside.

For more information and links to Kamm's new website, set to go public in the summer of
2023, be sure to check out the official Hip-Hop Music Label VAM-United Records website.
Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the "Dees Strasses" movement and experience
Kamm's electrifying energy

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